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20-24 MARCH         Bloom into Spring                     Cordova, TN                                                  8:30AM-3:30PM

 18  MARCH         Kick Butts Day                                 West Memphis, AR                                         8:30AM-3:30PM

JOIN US as we stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco
Taking a Trip to the States Capital to join the Anti-Tobacco Youth Rally Lunch will be providied for attendees

 25  Feb        Staying Healthy & Resilient                 West Memphis, AR                                        4:00pm-6:00pm

How are you helping family, friends, and community protect their health during disasters and every day?”
JOIN US!! By creating a video showing how you are helping family, friends, and community protect their health during disasters and every day.
JOIN US!! Our belief is that this age is influenced greatly from what they encounter through major secular arenas (i.e. television shows, music & videos) during their spring break. This year give them a REAL encounter during this one (1) week course check out a few of the things your child will encounter!

24   MARCH     Fit Mom Fab Daughter Zumba            Memphis, TN                                            6:00pm-8:00pm

JOIN US!! Our goal is to create an opportunity where both mother & daughter work togerther and are put out of there comfort zones, forced to find a place of comfort together. Through dance, fun, exercise, and warm enviornment we are looking for young ladies and their mothers to bond, increase self awareness of strengths, and build physical endurance.

25   MARCH     Mother Daughter Love Brunch           Memphis, TN                                          11:00am-2:00pm

Join Queen of the Manor and their mothers for a moment of Brunch! Queen of the Manor will share their vision for 2017 and you will be able to hear from the girls themselves. We also will have a guest panel that will discuss how to maintain peace and a strengthened relationship with their mothers and or daughters because of their relationship with Christ. Panelist will be a diverse group of  (step,god) mothers and (step,god) daughters of all ages. The "Love Brunch" experience is created  to relate to all mothers and daughters regardless of age, race, or blend of family.


belive in yourself
Inspire Others

The mentoring  design of this program helps parents who already understand the need for their daughters to begin developing life goals, gaining the confidence to believe in themselves, and becoming contributors within their own communities. This program also seeks to work with parents who are fully committed to raising their teen daughters and promoting the success in their lives through opportunities such as this.

Queen of the Manor seeks to represent the teen girl who desires a great future but more importantly wants to be asset to her community. 



“Representing the teen girl who desires a great future” 


Want To Mentor!?

By providing this environment, our girls begin developing self awareness, encouraging a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and a closer relationship with thier families. This program is designed to touch the heart of each teen by helping them identify who and whose they are, discussing daily struggles they may feel they encounter alone and providing an opportunity for them to be heard while receiving a guiding mentorship.  

Ages We Serve

Mentoring Sessions are divided into FOUR groups to maintain age appropriateness. These groups are categorized as follows:

Mini Princesses: Age 6-12 (Grade 1-7)

Princesses: Age 13-15 (Grade 8-9)

Queens: Age 16-18 (Grade 10-12)

Royal Highness: Age 19-24 (Freshman-Senior)

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Manor Ambassador and Sponsor

Redefined Eyes Founder, Alicia B 




Founder of Redefined Eyes Miss. Alicia is a member of New Direction Christian Church, a contributor to her community and an active ambassador within Queen of the Manor.

Manor Ambassador

Baptist Admissions RepresentativeMirecus G


With a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Mirecus has dedicated her life to missions and service. She is an active ambassador within Queen of the Manor; and finds her motivation through prayer and her favourite scripture Mathew 6:33.

Manor Ambassador 

BS.ed MS.ed, Darnecia F 


University of Memphis graduate. Miss Darnecia is an education advocate who is devoted to teaching within the classrooms and in the communities of Memphis, TN. As an active Ambassador within Queen of the Manor, she seeks to empower and motivate our mentees during each interaction .


Memphis native, Brittany Porter- Hall graduated from Judson College in 2008 as a Psychology Major having obtained a Bachelor's degree in Science. After graduating, her goal was to work in the mental health field and begin searching for a Graduate study program in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has not only remained with the same company for seven years but she has also ventured into entrepreneurship where she has grown to love and enjoy the field of counseling, advocacy, and community involvement even more.

 Brittany aspires to impact her community and extend her passion to others in hopes of igniting the purpose within them.



Updated Calendar Coming Soon

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Blooming into Spring Camp

Targeted for Girls grades 8th-11th

Our belief is that this age is influenced greatly from what they encounter through major secular arenas (i.e. television shows, music & videos). During this one (1) week course we have listed some of what your child will experience!

  • Develop short and long term educational/career goals

  • Develop activities portfolio

  • Developing interviewing skills

  • Meet with a financial advisor regaurding saving allowance money

  • Learn healthy eating habits (building healthy breakfast,lunch&snack)

  • Build postive self image (excersize &sports clinics)

*HELD IN CORDOVA TN March 20st-March24th*


Targeted for Girls grades 11th and 12th

This diverse Christian-based mentoring program is enriched with sessions uniquely deigned to push young ladies towards college and career readiness. During this 8 week course (consecutive Saturday's) we have listed some of what your child will experience!

  • Research components of desired career goal

  • Mentor with individual who works in desired career field

  • Volunteer within community setting

  • Develop Resume for College/possible work study

  • Research community resources of desired college area

  • Build healthy social media habits

Learning to Build Your Own Kingdom​

All Classes Can Registered via Eventbrite

Our Ways Becoming HIS Ways

Targeted for Girls in Middle and High School

Proverbs 19:17 tells us what ever we've done to the least of them we have done to our Father in Heaven. We designate November and December of each year to soley focus on giving and how it plants the seeds for our harvest. Girls develop a myriad of different skills during this opporitunity! Contact Us To Find Out More!


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